Transportation studies
Some transport projects conducted:
  1. Demand Forecast and Feasibility Study for the Western Extension of the Metro of Thessaloniki ,Attiko Metro,2017-19
  2. Design of Track and Future Extensions of the Metro of Thessaloniki, OMEK-Attiko Metro, 2013 – 2017
  3. Transport Infrastructure Requirements for the Greater Athens Area, Organization for Urban Planning and the Environment, Athens, 2010 – 2012
  4. Feasibility Study of the Road Axis 61 “Serres-Kavala” (Northern Greece), (in collaboration with the company DELCO), 2009 – 2010
  5. Strategic Planning of European Railways, UIC (International Union of Railways), (2007-2008)
  6. Planning of Infrastructure Requirements in North-Eastern Greece, (2006-2007)
  7. Technical Specifications of Track Materials and Track Structure Gauge, (2006-2008)
  8. Tarification and Separation of Accounts and Assets of Infrastructure from Operation in Greek Railways, (in collaboration with the company Ernst & Young), (2004-05)
  9. Design of a New Railway Track in Komotini, (north-eastern Greece), (in collaboration with the company METE-SYSM), (2004-05)
  10. Separation of Operation from Infrastructure for Greek Railways, (2003-2004)
  11. Feasibility and Preliminary Study of a New Airport in Igoumenitsa, (North-Western Greece) (2002-2003)
  12. Marketing, Commercial and Tariff Policy of Interurban Trains in Greece, (2002-2003)
  13. Greek Law Implementing European Union Directives 12, 13, 14/2001, (2002-2003)
  14. Track and Layout Study of the new Railway Track Athens – Korinthos – Kiato, (2001-2002)
  15. Track Defects Tolerances and Maintenance of Greek Railways Tracks, (1999-2000)
  16. Master Plan of the Airports of Karpathos, Kassos and Kastelorizo, (1998-99)
  17. Tilting Trains for Greek Railways, (1998)
  18. Master Plan of the Airport of Rhodes, (1997-99)
  19. Marketing, Commercial and Tariff Policy of Intercity Trains in Greece, (1996-97)
  20. Planning of Reorganization for Freight Transport of Greek Railways, (1996-98)
  21. Upgrading and Modernization of Existing Lines of Greek Railways, (1995-97)
  22. Port of Thessaloniki – Feasibility Study, (1994)
  23. Transportation and Traffic Studies for Greek Cities, (Thessaloniki, Serres, Polihni), (1990-93)
  24. Metro of Thessaloniki, (1988-93)
  25. Planning and Design of Parking Buildings and Facilities in the city of Thessaloniki, (1998-1991)