V.A Profillidis Books
Railway Planning, Management and Engineering
5th edition, Routledge, New York, London, 2022
Αρχεία προς λήψη

Book Description

The 5th edition of Railway Management and Engineering (enlarged and extended, now under the title Railway Planning, Management, and Engineering) maintains its tradition of offering an innovative scientific approach to tackle a multitude of vital aspects of railways, to understand in-depth the origins and inter-relationships of the many situations and phenomena, and to suggest the appropriate methods and solutions to solve the various emerging problems. The book deals successively with planning, management, track, rolling stock, safety, and environment.

Each chapter of the book contains the necessary theoretical analysis of the phenomena studied, the recommended solutions, applications, charts, and design of the specific railway component. In this way, both the requirement for a theoretical analysis is met, and the need of the railway planner, manager, and engineer for tables, nomographs, regulations, etc. is satisfied. Regulations of the International Union of Railways (UIC) as well as European Standardization (CEN) and European Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) have been used to the greatest extent possible.

New features within this 5th edition include a new chapter on safety and level crossings, extended analysis covering both freight and urban rail systems, technological evolutions of high-speed trains and hyperloop systems, applications of artificial intelligence and big data to railway problems, actualization of all statistical and economic data, recent changes in planning, legislation and policy of railways, hydrogen trains, and enrichment throughout of the many implications of increased digitalization and automation.

The book is written for railway managers, economists and engineers, consulting economists and engineers. It will also be of direct relevance to students of engineering, transportation, economics, and management.

Table of Contents

1. Railways and Transport
2. High Speeds, Magnetic Levitation and Hyperloop
3. Policy and Legislation
4. Forecast of Rail Demand
5. Costs and Pricing
6. Planning and Management of Railways
7. The Track System
8. Mechanical Behavior of Track
9. Subgrade – Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Analysis
10. The Rail
11. Sleepers – Fastenings
12. Ballast
13. Transverse Effects – Derailment
14. Track Layout
15. Switches, Tracks in Stations, Marshaling Yards
16. Laying and Maintenance of Track
17. Slab Track
18. Train Dynamics
19. Rolling Stock
20. Diesel and Electric Traction, Hydrogen Trains
21. Signaling – Automations – Interoperability
22. Safety – Level Crossings
23. Enviromental Effects of Railways

Author’s Biography

V. A. Profillidis is a transport consultant and Professor at Democritus Thrace University, Xanthi, Greece. A consultant on many railway projects, with thirty years of research, teaching and professional experience in railway management and engineering, he has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings within this field.