V.A Profillidis Books
Transport Economics
Papasotiriou Publishing, 5th edition, Athens, 2016
Αρχεία προς λήψη

The book is addressed both to professional engineers and economists, who are dealing with transport, as well as to students of schools of Engineering and Economics.

It covers the following subjects:
Transport and the Economy, Development and position today of road, rail, air and maritime transport, the national and globalized economic environment, Supply and Demand in the transport market, Elasticities, Transportation planning, Models for the forecast of transport demand, Econometric models, Fuzzy models, Transport cost (construction and operation), Market surveys, Commercial and pricing Policy, Feasibility Studies, Evaluation of Transport Projects, Multi-criterion methods, Sensitivity analysis, Financial analysis, Master Plans and Business Plans, Road safety (cost and measures), Funding by the European Union, Transport and the Environment, Environmental Impact Studies, Transport Law, Community Transport Policy, Liberalization and Privatization, Transport and regional Development.